8 Books to Read This Fall

Here are 8 Books to Read This Fall— shared by my big sister Susie.  You might remember her Summer Reading List– which was greatly praised by RecipeGirl readers!  She’s back today with her fall list.  Susie keeps a journal of all of the books she has read, and she gives them letter grades.  These books shared today all received an “A” grade by Susie!  I hope you find a few books in her list that might interest you for fall reading.

Eight Books to Read this Fall

  • A note from my sister Susie:

    Since June, when I last wrote about books, I’ve read 21. A couple of those have been rather disappointing, but that’s unusual for me because I don’t believe in finishing a book if I’m not enjoying it. Therefore, I read a lot of great books. Below are some of my top picks from the last few months. I hope you’ll enjoy some of them just as much as I did. Happy reading!

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