Greek Turkey Burgers

Here’s a delicious Greek-Style Turkey Burgers recipe- complete with hummus, lettuce and tomato stuffed into pita bread.

Greek Turkey Burgers

I must say… I really do love this recipe a lot.  It’s a different sort of recipe than your classic burger recipe- since the burger is styled into a pita pocket with those awesome adornments shown in the photo.  And who doesn’t love a jazzed-up burger, right?  I was a little worried that my very-opinionated-and-not-afraid-to-speak-up 14-year old would really dislike this dinner.  I was totally wrong.  He loved it.  He may have picked off the tomatoes and shoved them aside, but he commented that the addition of hummus was an awesome idea.  My husband loved it too.  So this recipe is 98% positively approved by the RecipeGirl family (because of that tomato thing)!  Just for the record, my husband and I loved the recipe as written- tomatoes and all!!

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