Classic Chicken Soup

Here is a recipe everyone should have in their kitchen:  Classic Chicken Soup

classic chicken soup

My kiddo woke up with a sore throat on Saturday morning.  “It hurts a lot, Mom.  But I’m still playing in my lacrosse game today!!”

“Okay,” I said.  “But you’ll play the game and then come home and rest for the remainder of the weekend.”

He did just that.  Scored 3 goals and assisted a few (on a rainy, chilly day).  They won the game, and my lacrosse-obsessed son happily got his fill of playing.  He’s very passionate about lacrosse, so it’s tough for me to take that away… even when the Mother in me says he should sit-it-out and get better instead.  We chilled-out for the rest of the weekend, and he’s feeling a bit better with the exception of a pesky cold.  Sunday was a day to make my magical, healing, homemade, classic chicken soup.  I love this recipe because it makes use of the entire chicken carcass in the soup, which adds an incredible amount of flavor (as it should) to chicken soup.

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